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Position: Junior Compliance Specialist
Location: Head Office
Department: Internal Audit

Job Responsibilities:
- Assist in completion of annual compliance plan;
- Assist in establishment of company business procedures;
- Participate in performing ad hoc requests by business process owners;
- Assist in writing compliance reports;
- Perform walkthrough tests.

Position Qualifications

- Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Internal Control, Audit, Management. Master’s degree is preferred;
- Fluency in Azerbaijani language, English in upper intermediate level;
- At least 6 month’s experience in Audit, Finance, Compliance, Internal Control, Business Process Management, Store Operations;


- Business and Financial background;
- Analysis and Problem Solving;
- Support change, action, and innovation;
- Teamwork and Cooperation;
- Communication skills.


Interested candidates may apply for the role by sending resume to hr2@azerbaijansupermarket.com email address, mentioning "Junior Compliance Specialist" in theme tab.

Pease note that only selected candidates will be contacted regarding next steps of recruitment process.

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